Jas(raj) Hothi: writer + creative coach

Jas(raj) Hothi: writer + creative coach


about hi, I'm Jas.

I worked in recruitment in the City for 5 years, before I left my office job in 2015.

Today, I call myself a writer & creative coach.

I'm passionate about helping others to create and share their work in an authentic way, and organically make an income if they so wish.

descriptive words

writer, creative, coach, indie, INFP, intuitive, empath, multi-passionate, dreamer


growth, connection and freedom.

current projects

INF Club a newsletter for INFP & INFJ writers and creatives The Indie Author (book) a collection of honest interviews with ~50 self-published authors who have successfully 'created' and 'shared' their books with the world

other bits

~ I host the INF Club podcast, for INFP & INFJ writers and creatives

~ I have a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology, "the science of happiness"

~ I am fascinated by holistic wellbeing (mental/physical/emotional/spiritual = mind + body + soul)

~ I like walks (solo + 1:1), woodlands & lakes, mountains & beaches, sunny days, snowy days, train journeys, and log cabins.

~ I love watching sport, listening to Avicii/Notorious BIG and watching Columbo

appearances You can get to know me better by listening to my podcast appearances.

Btw, I love 1:1 chats, so feel free to connect if I feel like a good fit for your podcast...


Find me on twitter (professional), read my micro.blog (personal), or email me at: jasraj@hey.com