Jas(raj): INFP, writer, coach

Jas(raj): INFP, writer, coach


about hi, I'm Jasraj Hothi (or Jas for short).

In 2015 I left my office job, and it's been quite the winding journey since.

I'm an INFP, aka iNtuitive person, and a dreamer.


growth, connection and freedom.

current projects

INF Club (blog + community) Mostly, I run INF Club: a place for writers & creatives with an INFJ or INFP personality type The Indie Author (book) I'm also editing The Indie Author, a book of honest interviews with ~50 self-published authors

other bits

~ I host a podcast for writers & creatives with an INFP/INFJ personality type

~ I have a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology, "the science of happiness"

~ I am fascinated by wellbeing in its wholeness (not just mental health, but emotional/spiritual)

~ I like walks (solo + 1:1), woodlands & lakes, mountains & beaches, sunny days, snowy days, train journeys, and log cabins.

appearances You can get to know me better by listening to my podcast appearances.

I love 1:1 chats, so feel free to connect (below) if I feel like a good fit for your podcast.


Find me on micro.blog, or email me at: jasraj@hey.com

I read every message I am sent, and respond to as many as I am able to.