Hi, I'm Jas Hothi.

I loved writing as a kid, before it fell by the wayside. I started writing again in 2015, and I've been writing ever since.

✍️ Today, I'm a writer and writing coach.

🕊️ My hope is to share my writing as an independent artist, and to help others to write and make an income from their writing in a healthy way.

👈 Previously... I ran a blog & podcast for INFPs, INFJs & creative introverts. I also co-hosted the INF Summit in February 2020.

📝 I've been keeping a diary since 2021, where I share my journey, the conversations I'm having along the way, and my tips for fellow writers.

I'm also about to publish my first book, The Indie Author (on sale: September 2021).


📔 Diary of an indie writer (blog)

🎙️ Diary of an indie writer (podcast)

📘 The Indie Author (book)

🎥 My writing journey (video)