jasraj hothi

Hello, I'm Jas.• I'm a writer and author ✍️
• I have a masters in positive psychology 🧠
• I like coffee shops, train journeys and autobiographies 📖
I made a life-altering choice in 2015, decided to share it online, and I've been blogging ever since. In the process, I found myself becoming a writer and an indie author.I've run several personal blogs, including: A Happier Introvert, Awkward Brown Guy, and INF Club.I've also co-hosted 2 online summits, The INF Summit (2020) and The Introvert Writer Summit (2022).I'm now curating The Indie Writer, a little writing community inspired by the early days of the internet.(The project is fairly new and I'm building it gently so, for now at least, I'm keeping it under wraps)