zero to podcast in a week

About a year ago I did way too much research into buying a mic. And then when it arrived, I barely used it. Aside from two short recordings on Soundcloud, my BlueYeti has gone totally unused.

Last month, I completed NaNoWriMo for the first time, at my 4th attempt. I realised that there was a real risk of this manuscript just gathering dust. You see, I’ve always been great at getting excited and starting things, but then not quite finishing them.

No more.

I have toyed with various podcast ideas in the past. Last week, I figured, hmm, why not document my journey going from NaNoWriMo 50k-word manuscript to actual real-life back. It would help keep me accountable, hopefully be a fun thing to do, and actually finally be that podcast I had said I would start.

I impressed myself. I recorded the first episode at around 11.30PM on Monday this week. Just 6 days later, on Saturday, I sent it out into the world.

I’ve realised that the trick with me is just to get something done and out the door, otherwise laziness / procrastination / perfection kicks in and I don’t get anywhere.

Here’s how I did it:

  1. I plugged my BlueYeti into my Mac via USB
  2. I opened Quicktime Player, a pre-installed app on the Mac, and recorded an Audio file (just selecting the input as the BlueYeti mic)
  3. I hit “stop” on the record button, and saved the file 
    (I think it took a couple of takes, but I was pretty much happy with it. Just get it done I thought. And there’s something about showing vulnerability / amateurism and being true to this early stage of my podcasting journey, I thought
  4. I googled “free podcast intro music”, and easily found some royalty-free samples
  5. I used Quicktime to record my voice doing an “intro” to the podcast & episode
  6. I eventually figured out – with Audacity – how to merge two audio files one on top of the other. It was just a case of dragging the two sound files into Audacity. I cut off the last section of the intro music so it wasn’t quite as long. I then “exported” and saved this new file with the two combined
  7. I used this free online tool called Audio Joiner to stick this “intro clip” and the original “podcast recording” togethr, and voila, I was done. (I didn’t bother doing an outro, this time around. I was happy enough with the little intro I’d knocked together. Just get it out into the world I thought)
  8. I quickly googled what platform to use to host a podcast. Again, I was just looking for something simple and free and non-technical. It didn’t take me long to find BuzzSprout, which has a free version, looks simple with a podcasting community, and Pat Flynn – a podcaster I’ve listened to previously and like – endorses them too. Job done, I thought
  9. I uploaded the file there, filled out the details…
  10. I was prompted to add my Patreon link. I’ve come across Patreon, and took this as an excuse to make an account for myself
  11. I ‘published’ my episode out into the world, put it out on my Twitter, and added it to my website

If you’re not embarrassed of your first version, they say you’ve launched too late. I tried to embrace this mindset over the last 6 days, and am thrilled that I’ve made this all happen in less than a week. It’d do be good to constantly keep reminding myself of this maxim…

“If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late”

Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn)

You can listen to my first ever podcast episode, an introductory episode for my new podcast ‘Nano to Book’ over here: I’d love to know what you think about it if you get a chance – you can email me at



Saturday, 8th December 2018

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