KS3 & GCSE tutor offering *virtual tutoring* to UK students


March 2020
With the coronavirus outbreak and social distancing that has now been enforced in the UK, I am now offering virtual tutoring to KS3 and GCSE students in the UK. You can find a basic guide to virtual tutoring over here.

📹 A short video

(the above video was recorded for one of my online tutoring profiles)

Tutoring since 2010, working with children & teenagers since 2005.

I have a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP), and like to focus on a holistic learning experience, i.e. not just focusing on getting the grades (see my video for more information).

Since 2010, I have been tutoring Maths and the individual Sciences; Biology, Chemistry & Physics.

I have tutored for primary and secondary school level, as well as entrance examinations (11+, 13+). 

I tutor up to, and including, GCSE-level (across a range of examination boards)

I have provided mentorship and coaching when it comes to UCAS application forms, personal statements and CV writing.

My tutoring approach is a student-centred one. My experience covers tutoring, mentoring and coaching and I use a combination of the three in my work.

I am yet to come across a student who doesn’t possess the potential to improve. Through the 1-to-1 work I do with students, not only have I witnessed some remarkable grade improvements but also some amazing transformations in confidence.

I strongly feel that the work I do is more than merely improving grades for exams. (Just read some of my testimonials at the bottom of the page)

If you have any questions about tutoring, or about your child/teenager in general, you can email me, at: jasraj.s.hothi@gmail.com

I read and respond to every message that I receive.

Thanks for visiting my profile,


PS. Here’s what parents and students have said about me…

“Jas tutored my son Nathan for his Chemistry and German GCSEs in 2013. I found him to be reliable and conscientious and I was very happy with his services.”

Dame Sally Coates (Director of Academies South for United Learning)


“Hi Jas – Alfie got 3 B’s for each of his sciences! He only just missed an A for Chemistry. He is absolutely delighted.

“Hi Jas – Alfie got 3 B’s for each of his sciences! He only just missed an A for Chemistry. He is absolutely delighted. Thank you for all your help – there is no doubt it made a huge difference to him. You were a total star to him – and the summer has been good to him – his confidence is finally starting to improve & I think it’s a lot down to your encouragement and believing in him. Very best wishes, Kris.”

Kris Hutchison (Head of Art Therapies, East London Foundation NHS Trust)


“Jas has tutored our daughter for the last few months in Chemistry, Biology and Physics at GCSE level. Jas was very reliable, committed and enthusiastic in his role and we feel our daughter greatly benefitted from his tutoring. He was always encouraging and recognising her needs were beyond the academic, spent time developing her confidence in the academic subjects he was teaching her as well as also encouraging her self-belief. He appeared sensitive to her needs and adapted the work accordingly. Jas also demonstrated great insight into what motivated our daughter and went out of his way to make every session engaging and enjoyable.

Jas also developed a positive, professional relationship with both my husband and I, keeping us well informed about our daughter’s progress and what support we could give her. I feel that this wider, more holistic approach, really helped our daughter feel better about herself, as well as develop a positive approach towards her exams which she has now entered with considerably more knowledge and confidence than had she not worked with him.

We also recommended Jas to a friend whose son was also doing his GCSE’s and she told me how pleased they were with the help he had been able to give to him.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Jas to others who are looking for GCSE tutoring.”

Emma & Paul Gerrard (Drama Therapist, and Head of Maths Department at a secondary school)


“Jas has been tutoring both my children in preparation for their 11+ exams. Both Oliver and Sofia love Jas and they benefited immensely from his caring passionate and professional tutoring system. I would never hesitate to ask Jas to help both my children again if they encounter difficulties in any subject or helping them again getting ready for common entrance exams.

In a nutshell, having had previous experiences with various tutors, I would strongly recommend him to anyone, as I already have done.”

Rafaella (Dr.)


“I first met Jas when I was looking for a maths tutor for my 9-year-old daughter. Upon reading his profile I warmed instantly to his holistic and person-centred approach. My daughter is a quiet girl and, having not had a tutor before, I wanted someone who could inspire her and increase her confidence. The tutoring sessions went extremely well from the start and Jas was able to build a positive relationship with Lana. He is an excellent communicator and was very engaging with not only Lana but the rest of the family. He tailored the sessions to Lana’s academic needs but also took into her account her thoughts and feelings. This enabled them to work in partnership together which really helped build Lana’s confidence. Jas was also very reliable and gave feedback that was positive and motivational. 

I would highly recommend Jas to work with young people as he seems to understand their needs by listening and working with them in partnership. Working in this way lets the young person/child build a relationship that is based on mutual trust instead of an authoritarian relationship in which the young person/child feels that can’t have any input.”



“Jas is an amazing teacher and works exceedingly well with kids from any age group. He is very patient and lets children take their own time on things they find difficult and challenging. If children get stressed about stuff he will let them have a little break and talk about other things in life. Jas is very encouraging and motivates kids to try their hardest at every single subject in maths.”

Lana (aged 10)


“Jas has been tutoring my son in all three science topics for preparation for Winchester Admission Examinations for Year 9. He is professional, courteous and reliable. He established an excellent rapport with my son and despite the intensity of preparation required, he managed to maintain my son’s motivation throughout the 18 month period, which was not an easy thing to achieve. As the standard required to pass these exams was a very high (beyond ISEB Common Entrance), this was a very stressful and intense period for us all. Jas understood that there needed to a balance between work sessions and relaxation sessions – and he always made time to talk to my son about things other than just study topics which minimised stress and tension. My son appreciated Jas’s guidance and advice and enjoyed the fact that Jas showed a keen interest in his hobbies. The result was that my son always looked forward to his sessions, even though they were hard work. He is also delighted to be off to Winchester College in September!”