my 2018 review + 2019 intentions

One of the things I’ve realised this year is that reflection is invaluable to me – and writing really helps me to do that.

Using the examples of folks like Chelsea Dinsmore and Chris Guillebeau, and having experienced the value of constant intention-setting and reflection through a ‘Goals and Brunch’ community I’ve been attending throughout the year, I have decided to review 2018 and sow some seeds for 2019.

2018: what went well

I re-started therapy in January, which has been amazing
– I have used journalling, poetry and even my 1st novel as a way of self-expression and catharsis (one of the things that has arisen from the therapy and group therapy I have experienced is that expression of my emotions is a valuable and essential thing)
– I have started doing yoga (mostly) weekly, even joining a yoga studio a couple of weeks ago

A new work-life
– I surprised myself in the new job I took in May; it was my first time working for a startup, back in financial services, and as a remote employee (if I don’t have meetings/travelling, I work from my gym cafe or my yoga studio). This has turned out to be *great*, not only varied and interesting and engaging work, which I can perform much better in my own time and space, and also better manage my time/energy for other projects
– I have also done a *bunch* of things for said startup in only 8 months (I was employee #9), things I’ve done before and others I haven’t done so much of

As part of my realising what *actually* makes me happy (through how I feel), it is now very apparent that connection plays a big role
– As such, I have leaned more into spending quality time with family and friends; for the latter, I’ve more consciously developed friendships, and sowed the seeds for others
– Relationships with my mum, dad and brother this year have also grown

– IntrovertJedi blog started (this blog!)
1st draft of a book (50k words) achieved (#NaNoWriMo aka National Novel Writing Month)
Nano to book podcast started

Returning to employment & started earning a salary again
– Started investing finally

The foundation of my happiness – managing my energy. The new job set-up has helped with this, as well as being conscious about where/who I spend my time with, and not over-extending myself online or in real life (even my behaviour/responses on social media and email)

2018: what didn’t go so well

The fundamentals

Sleep pattern – not consistent enough, haphazard
Water – not enough
Food – not as healthy and consistent as I’d like it to be, see ‘cooking’ below
Money – still care-free spending taking place, and non-consistent saving
Energy – still over-extending myself at times, trying to take too much on, and not switching off
Tech – still working on managing my device use, and managing the balance between being present/in the real world vs on Twitter/Insta Stories etc
Cook – I still can’t for sh*t, this needs to change

2019 intentions

THEME OF THE YEAR: self-expression and energy balance

8hrs of sleep every night
5 pints/bottles of water each day
No mindless tech/social media after 8pm (Mac to be used for creating/reflecting only)

Quality time with friends every week/two
Organised family team each fortnight (in/out)
Make time for *phone calls*

Daily Sikh prayer
A Basics of Sikhi, or similar, course
Go to Church on a Sunday as needed
Explore Stoicism

A cookery course
Read 24 books (2 a month)
Perhaps start building/a new fun skill or project

– earning (I have a figure in mind)
– saving – setting aside ‘x’ amount each month
– investing – conscious investing every quarter

Yoga 2-3 times a week
Gym 1-2 times a week
Jacuzzi/spa once a week

x1 uncle/cousins holiday
x1 friends holiday
x2 trips away

Additional goals
– make writing the most important thing I do all day
– book World Domination Summit 2020
– create poetry / music
– start an evening class?
– book a trip with friends for my 30th

As you will see, many of these are specific, with some room (intentionally) for flexibility in some place – e.g. quality time with friends once/twice weekly, with the view to making time for phone calls in between, or if I go, say, two or three weeks without seeing friends.

Whilst I am a pretty rebellious, free-thinking, curious individual, it helps me to have some structure with some room for flexibility – so that’s what I’ve tried to do here.

What are your intentions for 2019? Here’s to the next 365 days ✨



Friday, 4th January 2019 | this article first appeared on IntrovertJedi

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