hey, I’m Jasraj…

or, Jas for short.

  • Born & raised in the UK to Indian (Punjabi) parents. 
  • I’m an introvert, creator & multi-passionate.
  • Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP)

In 2015, I left my City job and started blogging. 
(it’s been a journey since then)

I value: freedom, empathy, growth + helping others.

I continue to try to be a better Sikh.

current projects

Here’s how I’m spending my time at the moment:

1. I work as a private tutor 
2. I run INF club, a blog + podcast + membership community
3. I’m putting together The Indie Author, my 1st book

In February 2020, I co-hosted the INF summit, an online summit attended by more than 2,000 introverts worldwide. I’ve also made a few podcast appearances.


I try to be intentional about the time I spend online (e.g. limiting time I spend on my laptop, and I don’t have a smartphone).

Online, you can find me on IndieHackers, send me a tweet (ideally), or email me -> jasraj.s.hothi@gmail.com. Where possible, shorter emails are preferred. 🙂